I Lost An Hour And 1/2 Right Now… But How?

I take a glaze at the clock and it is 1:30… I look again and it is 2:45.

I experience that a lot and it goes in both directions: time warps and flees at the speed of light or slows down so much, that a minute seems to last for an hour. What is this? Why does it happen? Time runs faster when you climb just one step of a ladder, but just by so little, that it doesn’t even add up to a second over the life time of a human. So this can’t be the reason, right?

And then I was wondering: what if I could freeze my favourite moment in time forever? Just in my reality! And what would that moment be? Did I experience it already, or is it still to come? And how can I even dare to freeze a second if I can never be sure if there isn’t another, better moment still in the pipeline? This – my thoughts – is such a mess.

To be honest: I have so much in life that I love dearly, (my family, my husband, our cats and the best bestfriend a girl could ever wish for) but – and I don’t know how to feel about it – if I could also freeze myself in the dream and not just the real world, I would choose to dream forever. I am so sorry. I am sorry for backing out, but … my dream world is dope: it is totally crazy and dark and twisted and full of love and adventures!

Or what would you choose? 

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